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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Introduction of with c# or C Sharp tutorial

Introduction of Programming tutorial with c#: Programming tutorial:

In this tutorial Blog we are covering all the most important C# concepts. This tutorial is primarily for new users of this great web and windows technology, and we recommend you to go through the entire topic, to get the most out of it as possible. While each Post can be used without reading the Post chapters, some of them may reference things done in other Post of We consider table of contents to the Left top by date, where all the post of are listed. We hope this tutorial helps you to get started with C#.  And we hope you like our work.

You can written C# code with any text editor, As like Notepad, and then compiled with the C# Command line compiler, csc.exe, which add with the .NET framework. However, most people use an IDE (Integrated Development Environment), and Microsoft offers many options for this. Which can be used to work on every possible aspect of the .NET framework?

C sharp (also known as "C #") is a very simple, new modern, Object Oriented(oops based), and type-safe(forces on result),good programming language. It is something like to be C and C++ programming language. C sharp(c#) combines the high a productivity of Rapid Application as like in windows and web Development (RAD refer rapid application develop) languages and the more powerful of C++.For C# programming, you should download the Visual C# Express from Install it on computer, and you are ready to write your first C# application program.

More Introduction of C# With with  C# :

C Sharp.NET is Microsoft's C sharp(c#) development tool (framework). It is a interactive development environment (interface), software designers for building a Windows and a Web applications, a compiler (converter), and a debugger (execution of program line by line).  C# .NET is piece of a suite (collection) of products, that is called Visual Studio .NET,
That also has Visual Basic .NET, C++ .NET, and the JS scripting language. All of these provide access to the Microsoft .NET which includes a common execution and a rich class (collection of function) library. The .NET Framework defines CLS that's refer common Language specification, it is a sort of lingual francs that refer seamless interchangeability between CLS and compliant languages and class library For C sharp developers, this means that even though C sharp (c#) is a new language, it has access to the same CLASSES and  libraries .NET and  C++ .NET. C sharp itself does not include a class library. with C sharp(c#) has the NGWS runtime; Visual Basic and C++ also have. Then this type of code that these compilers create for NGWS runtime support is referring managed code
The benefits your c # (c sharp) applications gains from Cross-language integration (through the CLS   are :
1.  Garbage collection memory managing, exception handling 

The rest of this post describes the impotent features of language. And in next post we describe importance and basic of C# and describe fundamentals of c sharp, this post strives for clarity and brevity at the expense of skillfulness. The intent is to provide the reader with an introduction of c sharp and and its language that will provide facility the writing of sample early and logical programs and the reading of next post.

Main differences between ASP.NET and Classic ASP or PHP are the fact that ASP.NET is compiled, And Classic ASP is always interpreted. PHP also compiled by using commercial products. A noted difference between php & is that, php hosted in linux  and windows servers, while web application or websites can hosted in windows servers.

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