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Monday, September 2, 2013

Web services

web services in programming,we can say that Web services is·Web services are small units of code.Web services are make or designed to handle a limited  particular part  of tasks service.Web Services may change  your applications project  into Web-applications.

web services in programming
web services in programming 
  • Web Services are published on web , found from web , and used through the Web application .
  • Web services use XML based communication  protocol.
  • Web services  independent on  operating systems platform of computer.
  • Web services are free for programming language of ASP.NET programming languages.
  • ·Web services ADD  people, system and devices.
  •  Are you understand Web Services?
  • Web services are application components(application program in programming )
  • Web services communicate by  open protocols
  • Web services are self-contained(connection Independence )and  proceed self-describing
  • Web services can be refer  using UDDI.
  • Web services may  used by other applications or web application 
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  • the main basic concept of web service is depend into two things.
  • The basic Web services platform is XML  and  HTTP(hyper text transfer protocol).
  • ·XML is a  language which can be used between different platforms(framework)messages and functions.
  • The HTTP( hyper text transfer protocol). protocol is the most used Internet protocol.

A web service is refer  web-based function  accessed using the set of rolls(protocols )of the web to be used by the web applications or server application . There are  basic three aspects for creating  web service :

Before you continue to start creating process of web service it is impotent  you  have a basic knowledge about web services   of given things:

XML(extensible markup language ) know in next post we understand what is Html and XML and use of these same time we discus Advantages  of HTML and XML