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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Windows communication foundation: -

Windows communication foundation: - 

The wcf refer to windows communication foundation (wcf) is uses of developing application.
Basically you think weft is a windows based service. And how to relate windows service and how to use, in c# programming language (code name, other name indigo) is a plate form and run time system for building, developing, configuration and deploying network distributed services. The net work distributed service refers to a service for which we access anywhere in network as like as local network or web network. We use wcf application (service) anywhere. As we need it is newly service base technology.

Advantages of windows communication foundation :-

1. It is a (wcf) unified programming technique.
2. It is provided in .net framework 3.0.
3. It has combined feature of we service, Network services (Remoting) msm.
4. it provide a common platform.
5. Provide inter-operable services. When working remoting application.
6. Reliable secure in compare to web services.
7. By small changing you can implement modal (programming technique) in wcf means you can modified wcf application your need by some small changing.

Difference in wcf and web service:-

As we learn wcf refer to the window base service and web service is a type of window communication foundation but web services much less the wcf. Web service much less portable and flexible.
A windows communication foundation has three (3) parts-
1. Service -> all class collection of methods.
2. Host -> console application
3. End paint -> communication starting paint
[3.1].address           here the service is defined
[3.2].binding        how to communicable
[3.3].contract          what service do

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