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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sql Query for Programming

Sql Query for :

 some time some sql Query is very important for sql programmer and programmer .it is very easy but logical .in this post we describe some ,and thing its use full for programming .
1          1 .  ) Compare date in SQL data base to current date by sql query

           select ManagementID, from [abc] where CONVERT(nvarchar(10),date,103)=convert(nvarchar(10),GETDATE(),103)       

·         2. )  Get only date form SQL  data base which is store in to date data type Programming


                          Select convert(date,GETDATE(),103)as a from [table name]

·         3 .) Select current date form sql query

     select convert(date,GETDATE(),103)as a

·         4 .) select current date time by SQL Query