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Friday, May 23, 2014

What is WSDL in Programming

WSDL in Programming:

The WSDL is refer to WEB SERVICE ,means Web Service Description is play important roll in making a web we give the some point for understanding this. WSDL completely describes Web services, the methods available, and the various ways of calling these methods.


   Web Service Description Language (WSDL) is a W3C specification which defines XML grammar for describing Web Services.

•               XML Grammar describes details such as:-
•               Where we can find the Web Service (its URI)?
•               What are the methods and properties that service supports?
•               Data type support. Supported protocols In short its a bible of what the webservice can do. Clients can consume this WSDL and build proxy objects that clients use to communicate with the Web Services. 


is an XML format for describing network services as a set of endpoints operating on messages containing either document-oriented or procedure-oriented information. The operations and messages are described abstractly, and then bound to a concrete network protocol and message format to define an endpoint. Related concrete endpoints are combined into abstract endpoints (services). WSDL is extensible to allow description of endpoints and their messages regardless of what message formats or network protocols are used to communicate, however, the only bindings described in this document describe how to use WSDL in conjunction with SOAP 1.1, HTTP GET/POST, and MIME.

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