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Friday, August 1, 2014

Checkbox in ASP.NET GridView

Using Checkbox in ASP.NET GridView Control:

You can add a Check Box control inside a GridView by using we define one checkbox with id “chkbxSelect”.
             <asp:CheckBox ID="chkBxSelect" runat="server" />

 Check box in GridView header Control:

You can also insect a check box in header template in grid.This is use to find control on all rows check box.
By define user define coloms in gridview control.
<asp:TemplateField HeaderText="Select">
       <asp:CheckBox ID="chkBxSelect" runat="server" />
   <HeaderStyle HorizontalAlign="Left" VerticalAlign="Middle" Width="50px" />
      <ItemStyle HorizontalAlign="Left" VerticalAlign="Middle" Width="50px" />
 <asp:CheckBox ID="chkBxHeader" onclick="javascript:HeaderClick(this);" runat="server" />

Access header Checkbox in GridView Using JavaScript :

Add a header checkbox in gridview header template and try to do select/deselect all rows by using Header checkbox. Basically this is use as a control for other row’s check box. Many times developer need this type of code and control it at client site.

JavaScript (Window.onload ) for selecting All check box in GridView

<script type="text/javascript">
        var TotalChkBx;
        var Counter;

        window.onload = function () {
            //Get total no. of CheckBoxes in side the GridView.
            TotalChkBx = parseInt('<%= this.Grid_All.Rows.Count %>');
            //Get total no. of checked CheckBoxes in side the GridView.
            Counter = 0;

        function HeaderClick(CheckBox) {
            //Get target base & child control.
        var TargetBaseControl = document.getElementById('<%= this.Grid_All.ClientID %>');
        var TargetChildControl = "chkBxSelect";

            //Get all the control of the type INPUT in the base control.
        var Inputs = TargetBaseControl.getElementsByTagName("input");

            //Checked/Unchecked all the checkBoxes in side the GridView.
            for (var n = 0; n < Inputs.length; ++n)
                if (Inputs[n].type == 'checkbox' &&                                Inputs[n].id.indexOf(TargetChildControl, 0) >= 0)
                    Inputs[n].checked = CheckBox.checked;
            //Reset Counter
            Counter = CheckBox.checked ? TotalChkBx : 0;

        function ChildClick(CheckBox, HCheckBox) {
            //get target base & child control.
            var HeaderCheckBox = document.getElementById(HCheckBox);

            //Modifiy Counter;           
            if (CheckBox.checked && Counter < TotalChkBx)
            else if (Counter > 0)

            //Change state of the header CheckBox.
            if (Counter < TotalChkBx)
                HeaderCheckBox.checked = false;
            else if (Counter == TotalChkBx)
                HeaderCheckBox.checked = true;

Header check box
Header check box in Gridview

Download Example code 

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