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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Create a website in ASP.Net with C#

How to make a new website in

Today we are discussing how to start work with As we know that .net is a framework in which we can create many types of application.

As like window application, Console application, Web application etc...

The .net is provides the facility by which we use 53 languages for developing our own application. ASP.NET is a development framework for building web pages and web sites.
C#, F#, VB and others include in these 53 languages. And ASP.NET gives you a choice between two kinds of web projects: web application projects and web site projects.

Create an ASP.NET Web Forms website with Visual Studio:

We need to select "ASP.NET Web Site", if it's not already selected. Now we are going to develop a website in framework by using C# programming language for creating my first web application. We consider the following steps [Here we describe some steps by these steps.
You can easily create a simple web application…………
These steps are following…

Open IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

Create a website in ASP.Net with C# by parijat

Go to File menu of _net IDE.

Create a website in ASP.Net with C# by parijat

Select web site in _net IDE with C#.

Create a website in ASP.Net with C# by parijat

Give the name website in the bottom of given pop-up menu and then click on ok button.
The Web Site project is compiled on the fly. You end up with a lot more DLL files, which can be a pain. It also gives problems when you have pages or controls in one directory that need to reference pages and controls in another directory since the other directory may not be compiled into code yet. Another problem can be in publishing.

Video for Create an ASP.NET First website:

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