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Monday, October 6, 2014

How to create master page in asp net c#

How to make a MasterPage in

Today we are discussing how to start work with Master page in As we know that .net is a framework in which we can create many types of application As like window application, Console application, Web application etc. And Master Page is common page.

What is the Master Page:

  • A master page provides a template for other pages.
  • Give a shared layout and functionality.
  • The master page defines placeholders for the content which give user content pages. 
  • The output result is a combination of the master page and the content page.

The Master page is very important for web application or web site In We use type of page for connecting many several pages.  It is a common page of the web application.
In this page on we are design the color menu and feel looking of the website. On this page also create the session.

Use Of Master Page, Impotence:

if you would like to display a standard header and footer in each page of your website, then you can generate the standard header and footer in a Master Page. That’s how powerful a master page is to handle multiple forms and is easier to maintain throughout what the website looks like. Take note, the ID attribute uniquely identifies the placeholder, allowing you to put more than one placeholder in a master page. MasterPage related Other Questions:

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 How to add a master page in

You can easily create a simple web application…………
These steps are following…

1. Open Microsoft visual studio 2010 – this is the IDE (Integrated Development Environment). And File menu of _net IDE.

2. Create a application or web site in IDE with C#.Give the name website in the bottom of given pop-up menu and then click on ok button.After add a new empty website and  then right side in IDE open the Solution Explorer  right click. 

3. Select the option Add New Item Open a dialog box and select the Master page click on add button.

create master page in asp net c#
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