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Sunday, October 12, 2014

SQL Features and Benefits, Database Engine

What is the SQL Features and Benefits, Database Engine?

Overview of SQL:

SQL statements look like simple English sentences, so the SQL is easy to learn and understand.  As we know that Sql is a tabular database then Tables and columns in a SQL database can have long. SQL was first developed as an ad hoc query language but now it has more advance functions.
So we can say that SQL is the de facto standard language used to manipulate and retrieve data from these relational databases. SQL enables a programmer to do the following:
  • Modify a database's structure
  • Change system security settings
  • Add user permissions on databases or tables
  • Query a database for information
  • Update the contents of a database
SQL Features and Benefits, Database Engine

Database Engine:

Database engine is the heart of the DBMS; it is responsible for actually structuring, storing, and retrieving the data in the database. It accepts SQL Database requests from other DBMS components, such as a forms facility, interactive query facility etc, by this user-written application programs.

SQL plays many different roles:

• SQL is an interactive query language. It is very simple, Users type SQL commands into an interactive SQL program to retrieve data and display, the Sql providing a convenient and easy-to-use tool for ad hoc database queries.

• SQL is a database programming language. Programmers give SQL commands into their application programs to access the data in a database. You can use two type of Program for use Database.
  • User-written programs
  • Database utility programs.

Use this technique for database access.

• SQL is also a database administration language. The database administrator responsible for managing a database uses SQL to define the structure and control access to the stored data.

• SQL is a client/server language. Web programs use SQL to communicate over a network with database servers that store shared data.

• SQL is an Internet data access language. Provide Internet web servers that interact with corporate data.

• SQL is a distributed database language. The developer use Distributed database management systems by SQL.

SQL Features and Benefits:

SQL is very easy-to-understand language and a comprehensive tool for managing data in database. We consider some of the major Features of Sql.

 • Vendor independence
 • Portability across computer systems
 • SQL standards
 • IBM endorsement (DB2)
 • Microsoft commitment (ODBC and ADO)
 • Relational foundation
 • High-level, English-like structure
 • Interactive, ad hoc queries
 • Programmatic database access
 • Multiple views of data
 • Complete database language
 • Dynamic data definition
 • Client/server architecture
 • Extensibility and object technology
 • Internet database access

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