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Monday, November 17, 2014 :Difference between Authentication and Authorization

What is the difference between Authentication and Authorization?

In this post we explain Authentication and Authentication Process.
Authentication means validating users. In this step, we verify user credentials to check whether the person tying to log in is the right one or not. :Difference between Authentication and Authorization by parijat

Authorization on the other hand is keeping track of what the current user is allowed to see and what should be hidden from him.

Authentication: - prove genuineness 

Authorization: - process of granting approval or permission on resources.

What is the difference between Windows and Forums Authentication?

Windows Authentication:

Windows Authentication is provided so that web pages Can make use of the local Windows User and Groups. In it windows actual login name and Password is used for authentication. Windows Authentication topic: 

  • 5 steps to enable authentication and authorization using Windows
  • Different methods of collecting username and password
  • Basic Authentication
  • Base is an encoding mechanism and not encryption
  • Digest Authentication
  • Integrated Authentication
  • Order of Precedence
  • Comparison of Basic, digest and windows authentication

Forms Authentication:

Forms Authentication under Forms Authentication user can able to create their own login name and password it is basically a cookie based authentication system which stores the login name and password in database file.

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  1. Authentication is the process of verifying who you are. When you log on to a PC with a user name and password you are authenticating. More on...Difference between Authentication and Authorization


    Authorization is the process of verifying that you have access to something. Gaining access to a resource (e.g. directory on a hard disk) because the permissions configured on it allow you access is authorization.