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Friday, November 7, 2014

Drop all Triggers belonging to any schema in SQL Server

How to drop all triggers in a SQL Server database:

Drop all Triggers belonging to any schema :

In this post we want to delete all triggers from specific sql database. For this we use cursor . if you don’t know about sql server cursor then visit fallowing post:

Drop Triggers from SQL Server databse:

Declare my_cursor Cursor For Select [name] From sys.objects where type = 'tr'

Open my_cursor

Fetch Next From cur Into @trgName

      While @@fetch_status = 0


             -- for delete or drop all trigger from database.
               Exec('drop trigger ' + @trgName)

             -- find the newxt trigger
              Fetch Next From my_cursor Into @trgName


      Close my_cursor

            -- After complete the work relise the memory occupied by cursor.

Deallocate my_cursor

Sql Server Interview Qus:

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