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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Advantages and Disadvantages of using 3 tier architecture

Advantages and Disadvantages of using 3 tier architecture:

In this post here we give some major advantages and disadvantages of three tier architecture of 

Advantages of using three-tier architecture:

  • It makes the logical separation between business layer and presentation layer and database layer.
  • Migration to new graphical environments is faster.
  • As each tier is independent it is possible to enable parallel development of each tier by using different sets of developers.
  • Easy to maintain and understand large project and complex project.
  • Since application layer is between the database layer and presentation layer so the database layer will be more secured and client will not have direct access to the database.
  • Posted data from presentation layer can be verified or validated at application layer before updating it to the database.
  • Database Security can be provided at application layer.
  • Application layer or middle layer or business layer can be a protection shield to the database. 
  • New rules or new validation rules can be defined any time and changes made to middle layer will not effect presentation layer.
  • Define any logic once within the business layer and that logic can be shared among any number of components in the presentation layer.
  • We can display only necessary methods from business layer in the presentation layer.
  • We can hide unnecessary methods from business layer in the presentation layer.
  • Easy to apply object oriented concept
  • Easy to update data provider queries.

Disadvantage of using three-tier architecture:

  • To implement even small part of application it will consume lots of time.
  • Need good expertise in object oriented concept (classes and objects).
  • It is more complex to build. Related Other Post:


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