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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

ASP.NET web application Compilation

ASP.NET web application Compilation: 

In this post we want to learn what is the compilation and what is the use of compilation of application(why the compilation is important).

web application Compilation:

 As we know that the .net platform provide the facility to use many languages to create a particular application as like C#,VB,F# etc.

We can say simply that the compilation is a process of translating the application code in to a a Pacific language called MISL code. We Explain this like that :

what is the compilation of application:

In order for application code to service requests by users, ASP.NET must first compile the code into one or more assemblies. Assemblies are files that have the file name extension .dll. You can write ASP.NET code in many different languages, such as Visual Basic and C#. 

When the code is compiled, it is translated into a language-independent and CPU-independent representation called Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL). At run time, MSIL runs in the context of the .NET Framework, which translates MSIL into CPU-specific instructions for the processor on the computer running the application.

There square measure several edges to compilation application code including:
Performance   Compiled code is way quicker than scripting languages like ECMAScript or VBScript as a result of it's a better illustration to computer code and doesn't need extra parsing.
Security   Compiled code is tougher to reverse engineer than non-compiled ASCII text file as a result of it lacks the readability and abstraction of a application-oriented language. to boot, there square measure obfuscation tools that build compiled code even additional proof against reverse engineering.
Stability   Code is checked at compile time for syntax errors, sort safety, and different issues. By catching these errors at build-time you'll eliminate several errors in your code.
Interoperability as a result of MSIL code supports any .NET language, you'll use assemblies that were originally written in different languages in your code. as an example, if you're writing Associate in Nursing ASP.NET website in C#, you'll add a regard to a .dll file that was written in Visual Basic.

The ASP.NET compilation design includes variety of options including:

  • Multiple language support.
  • Automatic compilation.
  • Flexible deployment.
  • Extensible build system. related other post:


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