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Thursday, December 4, 2014

ASP.NET: What is the different component of ADO.NET

What is the different component of ADO.NET

In this post we discuss the components of in .NET framework. As we know that the ADO.NET is Access database object. Means ADO provide the functionality to use database in your web site.

ADO.NET Component:

There are 6 important components, and today we explain these:-

Connection object: The connection object creates the connection between application and the database. If you want to any operation on data base then first you want to create the connection. The .net provides the Sqlconnection class we make the object of the class and create data base connection.

Command object: The command object help to execute the Queries on database. By this command object you can execute select, insert, update and delete sql queries on data base.

Data reader object: the Data reader provides the record set which we can provide only the forward direction. It can only read the data but cannot perform update operation.

Data set object:  the Dataset object provides the record set which can read back and forward direction. The record set can also update the data set.

Data Adapter object: The dataAdapter work as a bridge between database and dataset. It is use to fill/load data set.

Dataview object: the Dataview object is used to sort and filter data in Data table of dataset.

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