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Saturday, December 6, 2014

What is the three-tier architecture in

What is the three-tier architecture in

 In this post we try to describe the three tier architecture of Basically the way of developing a application define the architecture of the application. Simply if we think on this then we get there are three layers and the developer use these layer for different prepuces.
The three tier application architecture comes in 1990’s to overcome the limitations of the two tier architecture.

There are three layers when we talk about the three tier architecture these are:

What is the three-tier architecture in

User interface Layer (Client site layer):

This is a UI part of the Application. The user see this layer we get all information about user by user in this layer and if we want to show any information to use the use this layer so we can say this is client site layer of three-tier architecture.

Mid layer or business logic layer:

It provide process management where business logic and rules are executed and can accommodate hundreds of user by providing functions such as queuing, application, execution, and database staging.

Data Access Layer or Data base layer:

Some time we say DAL to this layer. DAL has mainly the sql statements which are use to make the connection between database and application and also do the work of data traveling between data base to application and application to data base.

Here we will see the implement 3- Tier architecture in C#.NET application. 3-Tier architecture is very famous and well known buzz word in world of software development.

 If we analyze any traditional project then we will find that most of (at least 60-70 %) them has traditional N-Tier, basically 3-Tier architecture. It does not matter whether it is web or windows application, we can implement 3-Tier architecture in any type of environment.

When user post any data from user interface (presentation page), data first goes to the business layer there data will be validated then validated data is posted to database layer to insert into the database.

When user request any data from the database then the request is first processed by the business layer validates the request and sends to database layer then database layer forwards it to the database server and fetches necessary records. Found records are loaded by the database layer and pass it back to the business layer then business layer passes those records to the presentation layer.

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