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Thursday, February 26, 2015 Step By Step Working with MVC3 Step By Step Working with MVC 3:

Step By Step Working with MVC:

Pre-requisite for MVC

Lab 1: Creating a simple Hello World ASP.NET MVC application

  • Step 1: - Select the project template
  • Step 2: - Select the appropriate ASP.NET One options
  • Step 3: - Add Controller
  • Step 4: - Add Views
  • Step 5: - Connect the view to the controller
  • Step 6: - Run the program

Beware of this common error:

Lab 2: Passing data between controllers and views

  • Step 1: Create project and set view data
  • Step 2: Display view data in the view

Lab 3: Creating a simple model using MVC

  • Step 1: Create a simple class file
  • Step 2: Define the controller with action
  • Step 3: Create strongly typed view using the class
  • Step 4: Run your application

Lab 4: Creating a simple MVC data entry screen

  • Step 1: Creating your data entry ASPX page
  • Step 2: Creating the controller
  • Step 3: Create the view to display the customer object
  • Step 4: Finally run the project

Lab 5: Using HTML Helper to create views faster

  • Step 1: Create the Customer class
  • Step 2: Creating the input HTML form using helper classes
  • Step 3: Create a strongly typed view by using the customer class
  • Step 4: Creating the controller class Related Other Post :

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