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Sunday, February 15, 2015

How to give data format in to gridview in

How to display only date in GridView when fetch data from Database:
hello friends I am pulling data from an access database to show in a GridView control on a ASP.NET project. It works fine but I want to see if I can format the data that is being pulled. Currently any currency is being truncated from xx.xx to just the dollar amounts. Also the dates are displaying mm/dd/yyyy hh/mm/ss AM/PM 

How to Display items in PopUp from DataList Button Click in

Here i will give Some Format Style in Gridview there are 

DataFormatString  in examples:

  • {0:dd MMMM yyyy}    -    gives 24 February 2006
  • {0:MMM dd}          -    gives Feb 24 (substitue MMM with MMMM for the full month name
  •                          instead of abbreviation)
  • {0:dd/MM/yy}        -    gives 24/02/06
  • {0:dd/MM/yyyy}      -    gives 24/02/2006

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