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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Templates in DataList Control

Templates in DataList Control:

DataList control contains a template that is used to display the data items within the control. Since there are no data columns associated with this control, you use templates to display data. Every column in a DataList control is rendered as a <span> element. DataList control  without templates:

A DataList control is useless without templates. Let us now learn what templates are, the types of templates, and how to work with them. 

A template is a combination of HTML elements, controls, and embedded server controls, and can be used to customize and manipulate the layout of a control. A template comprises HTML tags and controls that can be used to customize the look and feel of controls like Repeater, DataGrid, or DataList. There are seven templates and seven styles in all. You can use templates for the DataList control in the same way you did when using the Repeater control. The following is the list of templates and their associated styles in the DataList control

Templates are as follows in Datalist

  • ItemTemplate
  • AlternatingItemTemplate
  • EditItemTemplate
  • FooterTemplate
  • HeaderTemplate
  • SelectedItemTemplate
  • SeparatorTemplate

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