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Friday, July 31, 2015

Different Types of Join in SQL Server

Different Types of Join in SQL Server:

Today we are discourse an important topic for the programmers for using database in our application or web application is this join. Join is an important when we are talking in sql data base.

Join in sql :

Join is referring to fetch related data from more than one table from data base. If we want to fetch related data from data base and we have more than one table and tables also have related data than we fetch all related data by using joining concept.
When we are talking in development then there are fallowing type of join in sql. These are:-
Types of join in sql data base:
  • Inner join
  • Outer join
  •  Left outer join
  •  Right outer join
  •  Full outer join
  • Self join
  • Equi join
  • Natural join
  • Cross join

These are some types of join we can use in the data base for fetching data in programming time. Now we explain one-by-one our next post.

Sql Server Interview Qus:

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