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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Operator Overloading in C# programming

Operator Overloading in C# programming:

In the computer programming, operator overloading less commonly known as operator ad-hoc polymorphism. It is a specific case of polymorphism. In which some or all of operators like +,=,or== have different implementation depending upon the type of their arguments.

Operator Overloading in C#:

All unary and binary operation have pre-defined implementations that are automatically available in any expressions. In addition the pre-defined implementations, user defined implementations can also be introduced in C#.

Remember that it is not possible to overload all operators in C#.  C# a special function called operator function is used for overloading purpose. These special function or methods must be public and static. They can take only value arguments.

Overload Unary Operator.
Overload binary Operator.

Unary Operator over loading in C#:

The general form of operator function for unary operator is as follows:-
Public static return-type operator op(type t)
// user code here….
Where type must be a class or structure. The return type can be any type including void.

Example of operator overloading in C#:

Using System;
Class Complex
Private int x;
Private int y;
Public Complex()
Public Complex(int i, int j)
Public void showXY()
Public static complex operator-(Complex c)
Complex c1=new Complex();
Return temp;
Class myclass
Public static void main(String[] args)
Complex C2=new Complex();

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