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Friday, December 18, 2015

What skills to master to become a better developer

What skills to master to become a better developer:

It seemed like it took an eternity to get up to speed with I kept  wanting to think of programming in and as if it were C++ programming, which of course, it isn't. Even my supervisor admitted that at the beginning he had doubts about "keeping me on board", but I made it. I've now been working on a project of my own for about a year.

Become a better developer:

Here are some concepts and technologies I've picked up some skill with along the way.
·         class inheritance
·         separation of concerns
·         LINQ
·         SQL
·         Session State
·         JavaScript
·         jQuery
·         AJAX
·         CSS
The first two that I mentioned are essential for keeping the code organized. LINQ is very nice to have to avoid having to write for loops over and over. JavaScript seems to have become the backbone of web programming in spite of its shortcomings and jQuery seems to couple it very tightly with CSS.
I've been making a big effort to learn to write better JavaScript;
·         HTTP
·         HTML
·         MVC (Similar to seperation of concerns) & ASP.NET MVC
·         HTML Templating engines
·         LESS or SCSS
·         noSQL
·         mobile web development
·         DOM
·         "HTML5" A buzzword for HTML5 and related WHATWG enhancements to modern browsers
·         webGL
·         SEO
·         Website optimisation
·         Software development techniques (TDD, Version Control, etc)
·         Knowledge of a multitude of client-side JS libraries (micro JS)
·         etc.
The list is incredibly numerous; each one is a large topic.
You have a pretty good start there. Growing and expanding your knowledge in those areas would defiantly help you become a better ASP.Net dev.
What I think you could add to that list:
·         UI design
·         Graphics design
·         View State, Cache, and the difference between them and Session
·         LESS (it's a css tool)
·         IIS

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