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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Responsive Design is the Future

Responsive Design is the Future:

Web designers and developers know there are too many screen and device options to continue adjusting and creating custom solutions for each.
That’s why Smart Solutions and others are embracing responsive design. 

Design is the Future:

Responsive web design avoids having web developers design and code for every device available. Its concept and style sheet principals are built on the philosophy that a website should automatically respond to a user’s preference and should work whether someone is on an old laptop or the trendiest latest gadget.
The approach holds great promise for customers to accommodate the ever-changing mobile world and ensure that their website is future-ready.

Vertical vs. Horizontal Orientation

When someone looks at a normal wide screen, they look left to right. But on a narrower screen, they tend to look from top to bottom. Go ahead and test this now by changing the width of your screen to the size of an iPad then to an iPhone and watch what happens. Responsive design takes this into consideration as well as how to:
  • simplify navigation
  • shorten and hide less critical content
  • automatically resize images at certain breaking points and possibly remove others
  • save space without sacrificing key navigation links
  • collapse columns of content for greater readability

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