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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

How Do I Pass Parameters to a PL/SQL Web Application?

How Do I Pass Parameters to a PL/SQL Web Application:

A web application must be interactive enough to allow user choices.

 To keep the attention of impatient web surfers, you should streamline

 the interaction so that users can specify these choices very simply, 
without a lot of decision-making or data entry.

Pass Parameters to a PL/SQL Web Application:

The main methods of passing parameters to PL/SQL web applications are:

Using HTML form tags. The user fills in a form on one web page, and all
 the data and choices are transmitted to a stored procedure when the user 
clicks the Submit button on the page.

Hardcoded in the URL. The user clicks on a link, and a set of predefined 
parameters are transmitted to a stored procedure. Typically, you would include
 separate links on your web page for all the choices that the user might want.

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