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Sunday, June 4, 2017

AdRotator control in

ASP.NET-AdRotator control:

The AdRotator control randomly selects banner graphics from a list, which is specified in an
external XML schedule file. This external XML schedule file is called the advertisement file.
The AdRotator control allows you to specify the advertisement file and the type of window that the link should follow in the AdvertisementFile and the Target property respectively.
The basic syntax of adding an AdRotator is as follows:

<asp:AdRotator runat = "server" AdvertisementFile = "adfile.xml" Target = "_blank" />
Before going into the details of the AdRotator control and its properties, let us look into the
construction of the advertisement file.

The Advertisement File

The advertisement file is an XML file, which contains the information about the advertisements tobe displayed.

Extensible Markup Language XML is a W3C standard for text document markup. It is a text-basedmarkup language that enables you to store data in a structured format by using meaningful tags.

The term 'extensible' implies that you can extend your ability to describe a document by defining meaningful tags for the application.

XML is not a language in itself, like HTML, but a set of rules for creating new markup languages. It is a meta-markup language. It allows developers to create custom tag sets for special uses. It structures, stores, and transports the information.

Following is an example of XML file:

<NAME> Learn XML </NAME>
<PUBLISHER>parijat.blogspot./ </PUBLISHER>
<PRICE> $10.00</PRICE>

Like all XML files, the advertisement file needs to be a structured text file with well-defined tags
delineating the data. There are the following standard XML elements that are commonly used in
the advertisement file: related other post:

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