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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Guide to staying safe online, Understand your threat profile

Guide to staying safe online, Understand your threat profile:

in this post we Considering how much of our digital lives occurs online - communications, financial transactions, entertainment, work, education, to name a few -adopting even a few safe browsing practices can lead to broad benefits. And this includes how we deal with email messages as well, given how popular email is as a delivery mechanism for online attacks using exploit kits and malware.

Guide to staying safe online:

Here, we provide a strategic guide for staying safe online, outlining what you can do to protect your data and privacy on the web, while remaining productive.

Understand your threat profile

With so many threats looming, it’s tempting to take the strictest approach by locking everything down, but the challenge is to balance precautions in a way that keeps you productive. For example, to avoid malicious JavaScript, you could just turn off JavaScript in your browser preferences -- except half the Internet would become nearly impossible to use. Have you tried using Gmail without JavaScript turned on? It isn’t pleasant.
We all use the web differently, and our risks vary drastically, depending on where we are, what we are doing, even what day it is. How security researchers stay safe online is dramatically different from a consumer who emails, uses Facebook, and watches Netflix. That in turn is different from a developer downloading new tools and frequenting forums for advice.

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