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Friday, August 18, 2017

How to Remove DOM Element with JQuery

Remove DOM Element with JQuery:

Relation of JQuery and DOM

JQuery is one of the most famous JavaScript libraries online. There are so many articles in the web about it, that I feel useless to describe it again. The good parts of that library are the amazing way it handles the DOM. It is so good at that that I usually use it with other JavaScript libraries.

Now I’m working on a task and one of the main target of the completed task was the RAM usage of the code. It just has about 100 dynamic DOM elements which on every event should be removed form the tree and the RAM should be freed.

First step Unbind first:

The first simple sub-task was to remove the event listeners. The problem is that if you don’t remove the event listeners may result in memory leaks in JS. The way JQuery removes the event listeners is with:
That’s enough. Now the element don’t have any event listeners attached to it.

second step Remove Elements:

Now you must just remove the element from the tree with no fear of memory leaks, with just writing:

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