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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Now Available in OpenShift Online (Next Gen) in NET Core 1.0

Now Available in OpenShift Online (Next Gen) in NET Core 1.0

Getting up and running developing .NET web applications with OpenShift Online is as simple as it gets. You can either use the Web Console or the CLI tools, but we’ll focus on the Web Console. If you want further information about the CLI tools check our Beyond the basics guide on the OpenShift Docs.

It’s recommended to have a beginner understanding of OpenShift Online (Next Gen) in order to follow the instructions on this blog post, if you find yourself in need of more information check the Getting Started on the OpenShift Docs.


Here are the steps using the web console:

Login to your Openshift Online account and select or create a project

Click Add to Project then search and select dotnet(.net)

For the Git Repository URL use the sample which is provided ( or, alternatively, fork the example repository and use your own URL.

Hit Create button! Your app is created and the build process should start soon. Head over to the project overview page to see additional details about your app.

After the app has been built, you can preview it by clicking the URL on the top

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