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Saturday, June 29, 2019

What is Virtual Reality? VR Definition, How Virtual Reality Works?

What is Virtual Reality? VR Definition, How Virtual Reality Works?

Virtual Reality’s most immediately-recognizable component is the head-mounted display (HMD). Human beings are visual creatures, and display technology is often the single biggest difference between immersive Virtual Reality systems and traditional user interfaces.

Virtual reality can be a fun experience, and more phones than ever support VR capabilities. That makes mobile VR easy for people to start using. While VR is cool, the main issue is a lack of content. Google hopes to change that with its VR180 video format.

 It introduced VR180 last year, and the first consumer devices were announced in January 2018. Now, Google has published additional details so developers and hardware makers can gear up to make new VR180 products. Google’s VR180 video is based on the Spherical Video Metadata V2 standard, but there are a few additions to make it suitable for mobile VR. VR180 includes a so-called Camera Motion Metadata Track.

YouTube recently created a new video format, VR180. Before, 360 degrees were the only way to upload and play videos on the platform, making this format the standard. Well, it might not be obvious at first thought, but having 180 degrees videos will make the transition to video VR less steep for both video producers and viewers. Video producers will record once, following techniques they already know, and the content will be available both for regular screens and for VR devices.

This new format is both compatible with VR devices and 2D screens; so hopefully, it will create a smooth transition for video producers that are used to regular video but want to test something more immersive. 

They will make a video that can be watched on a mobile phone but also in a VR headset in 3D, with no extra hassle. When it comes to internet broadcasting, dividing by half means multiplying by 2.

In order to not waste bandwidth, there are solutions when broadcasting VR video, as you can set it up so that you only receive the part that you are looking at. Many companies are not broadcasting in 3D because the production and distribution of VR are not yet there

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