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SQL Server

SQL Introduction:

SQL is data base Programming language for accessing and manipulating databases in it database. For the web/windows application we use SQL database. 

The SQL is the set of instructions that are used to interact with a database. SQL (Structured Query Language) is the only language that most databases actually clearly understand. Whenever we interact with a database, the software translates your commands (whether they used GUI comment or queries) into SQL statement that the database knows how to work.

SQL was originally made an ANSI standard in 1986. The ANSI 1989 standard (often called SQL-89) defines three types of interfacing to SQL within an application program:

Module Language: Uses procedures within programs. These procedures can be called by the application program and can return values to the program via parameter passing.

Embedded SQL: Uses SQL statements embedded with actual program code. This method often requires the use of a precompiled to process the SQL statements. 

SQL has three major components:

  1.  The DML refer to Data Manipulation Language.
  2.  The DDL refer to Data Definition Language.
  3.  The DCL refer to Data Control Language. 
SQl data base by parijat

SQL (Structured Query Language):

  1. SQL is acronyms  of  Structured Query Language
  2. Structured Query Language (SQL) lets you access and management of  databases
  3. American National Standards Institute standard called SQL.
  4. SQL is a Relational type database. Also called tabular database. 

Work of SQL:

  1. SQL execute queries against a database
  2. SQL retrieve data 
  3. SQL insert records
  4. SQL update records 
  5. SQL  delete records
  6. SQL create new databases
  7. SQL create new tables
  8. SQL create stored procedures 
  9. SQL  create views
  10. SQL  set permissions on tables, procedures, and views
Create data base in sql
Create data base in sql

Work of Database Management System or Use of DBMS:

Basically data base Management System refers fallowing responsibilities.

Data definition –Data structures for a database, and removing data structures from the database, and modifying the structure of existing data means create, update, delete.

Update – Inserting, modifying, and deleting data.

Retrieval – Obtaining information either for end-user queries and reports or for processing by applications.

Administration –Refer Managing all thing related to the database.

Work in SqlDatabase:

SELECT Statement    :         Retrieve records from a table
SELECT LIMIT Statement  : Retrieve records from a table and limit results
SELECT TOP Statement  :   Retrieve records from a table and limit results
INSERT Statement        :      Insert records into a table
UPDATE Statement         :   Update records in a table
DELETE Statement          :   Delete records from a table
UNION Operator               :  Combine 2 result sets (removes duplicates)
UNION ALL Operator       :  Combine 2 result sets (includes duplicates)
INTERSECT Operator      :  Intersection of 2 result sets
MINUS Operator                :  Result set of one minus the result set of another

Sql Server Interview Qus:

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