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Monday, July 28, 2014

Literal control

Literal control

In Programming Literal control use to show data on web page ( page).we programmable bind text in to Literal. In this web control we can bind anything As like Image, Text etc.
Literal Declare in page:

For Get Literal:

<asp:Literal ID="LiteralJunior" runat="server"></asp:Literal>

Here we take a Literal control that’s id is “LiteralJunior”,

Literal ID Requirement  of Control:

In we assign a unique id for each control, and Access this control by id on .aspx.cs (coding page).
Properties of Literal control:
Runat: Runat refer to this control Execute at server site.
Text: Text property refers what you want to show in this.

As we know that Label can by Access by client site but Literal not. But some time the Label and Literal but work similarly. Both are use to display Text data on web page.
Class hierarchy of Literal
The class hierarchy for this control is as follows:

Object ->
          Control ->
Literal Control cannot use any HTML elements in .net Programming Programming
Literal Control

Questions Related to Literal: 

Literal control Constructor:

Here we describe two impotent Constructor of Literal Control Programming
Constructor of Literal


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