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Friday, June 26, 2015

Asp.Net remote Programming,.NET Remoting

Asp.Net remote Programming:

          .NET Remoting can be used for accessing objects in another application domain.
          .NET Remoting also offers calling objects using the SOAP (simple object access protocol) protocol.

.NET Remoting:

          The .NET Remoting classes can be found in the namespace System.Runtime.Remoting and its sub-namespaces.
          Many of these classes can be found in the core assembly mscorlib,
          Distributed applications separate themselves into individual components that can be housed or hosted on individual machines.
          Dividing an application into distributed components is known as scaling out, which means you are spreading your application out among many different machines to better handle an increase in workload.
          Many applications are not standalone applications that are running on a single system, but they use some network communication technologies to invoke methods on a remote server.

Application Types and Protocols:

          You can program your application by using sockets, or you can use some helper classes from the System.Net namespace that make it easier to deal with protocols, IP addresses, and port numbers. Using this technology you always have to send data across the network.
          The payload is used to transport the parameters of a method call.
          This payload encoding can also be replaced. Microsoft delivers SOAP and binary encoding mechanisms.

CLR Object Remoting:

           .NET Remoting is also a good technology for peer-to-peer communication.
          .NET Remoting extends the CLR object functionality across the network.
          CLR Object Remoting deals with activation, distributed identities, lifetimes, and call contexts.
          In .NET Remoting, XMLWeb services are platform independent. Related Other Post:

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