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Friday, March 3, 2017

c# pop up div link button is not clicked

how to work c# pop up div link button is not clicked:

In this post we make a popup div and try to use it in coding .
<div class="fixed-popup popup-square popup-connections dismissable" 
id="popup-remove-connection" style="display: block;">
  <div class="popup-inner">
    <div class="close">X</div>
    <h3>Are you sure you'd like to remove this connection?</h3>
    <div class="button-bar">
      <a class="btn-close button button-link" href="#">Cancel</a>
      <a class="btn-approve button" href="#">Yes, I'm Sure</a>

This pop up div shows when i click a button than i am 
trying to click on "Yes, I'm Sure" using this code :

 Link linkApprovebtn = browser.Link(Find.ByText("Yes, I'm Sure"));
   if (linkApprovebtn.Exists)
the code execute the click but nothing happend on the
 i have also tried this code:

   AlertDialogHandler AlertDialog = new AlertDialogHandler();
            Settings.AutoStartDialogWatcher = true;
             Settings.AutoCloseDialogs = true;



              if (AlertDialog.Exists())




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