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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

AppFabric component in Cloud Computing AppFabric component:

In this post we want to learn what is the AppFabric in, what is the uses of this control and how many type of AppFabric component.

Appfabric components are used to make access control and distribute on clouds. this type of architecture is service oriented architecture, and be considered this as a backbone of the windows platform. Provide connection for messaging in distributed applications. It provide capability of integrating the applications between cloud services, and cloud services to global applications.
AppFabric component in

These component (AppFabric) gives a development environment and it integrated with visual studio 2010. 

There are 2 types services of AppFabric are:

  • Access control service:
  • Service bus:

The services bus provides messaging between cross enterprise and cross cloud. 

This provide fallowing types patterns of messaging.

AppFabric component architecture
AppFabric component architecture

  • Publish and subscribe pattern.
  • Point to point pattern.
  • Queues patterns of message for distributed application on cloud.

ACS converts the input Environment in to output environment using fallowing rules that are :

  • created at the time of configuration of Access control services
  • It issues a token that is containing output claims for the application.
  • Consumer application use this token and send to web service.
  • The service validates and gives access to the user.

These are called claims based rules or authorization rules, here the claim is user or the user application.

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