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Monday, August 11, 2014

What is the Cloud Service

What is Cloud:

A cloud is a combination of networks, services, storage, hardware, software, and interfaces that helps in delivering computing as a service. This considers three type of user which is:
  1. End user-- refers who uses the services provided by the cloud,
  2. Business management user —who takes the responsibility of the data and the services,
  3. And cloud Service provider-- responsible for the maintenance of the IT assets of the cloud.
Cloud Service in Programming

Cloud Service 

Cloud Service:

Cloud Service is a service that gives to build cloud application. It provides facility to use cloud application without installing it on own computer. The user can use the application which may be public or private.

Features of cloud services:

Here we consider fallowing types of impotent of cloud service are given as follows:
Access and manage the commercial software.
In the web environment centralizing the activities of management of software.
Make application that’s capable to managing several clients.
Update feature of software that eliminates the downloading and upgrading.

Types of deployment models in cloud:

Means how many types we can deploy application on cloud computing. Here we consider fallowing types:
  1. Public cloud.
  2. Community cloud.
  3. Private cloud.
  4. Hybrid cloud.
These are four types.
Cloud Service in Programming

Basic characteristics of cloud computing:

  1. Here we consider the four basic characteristics of cloud computing is given as follows:
  2. Elasticity and scalability. 
  3. Self-service provisioning and automatic de-provisioning. 
  4. Standardized interfaces. 
  5. Billing self-service based usage model.  

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