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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Basic approach to problem solving

What is the basic approach to problem solving:

Step 1:  Identify small problems:

The major trick in problem solving is to identify and solve the smallest problem and then moving ahead with bigger ones.  So how do you do it?
The answer is division of responsibility.  Simply put, we need to identify parts that can stand on its own and identify a sequence in those responsibilities.  And once you start breaking down the problems into smaller ones, then you can go ahead with the next step.

Step 2:  Solve the smaller problems one at a time:

Now that you have identified the smaller problems, try to solve them.  While solving them, make sure that you are focussing only on one problem at a time.  That makes life much simpler for us.  If you feel that this smaller problem is too big to solve on its own, try to break it down further.  You need to iterate steps 1 to step 3 for each smaller problem.  But for now, ignore the bigger problem and solve the rest of the problems.
  • Focus on one problem at a time.  While you are focussing on one single problem
    • It is ok to assume that other problems are solved
    • It is ok to hardcode when coding a particular problem, but later you will resolve it in step 3.
  • Solve the easier problems first, that will give you confidence and momentum until you get the confidence to solve the hardest problem first.

Step 3: Connect the dots (Integration):

You have solved individual problems.  Now it is time to connect the dots by connecting the individual solution.  Identify those steps which will make the solution or the program complete.  Typically in programming, the dots are connected by passing data that is stored in variables.

Step 4: Try to optimize each step & across steps:

Once you are completed with a working solution, try to optimize the solution with the best code that you can write.  This comes only with practice.  This trick can make a difference between a good programmer and a great programmer.  But to get to this step, you need to be first good at steps 1 to 3. Related Other Post:

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