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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Understand The Power of visualization

Understand The Power of visualization:

As everyone of you is aware of what is visualization. Trying to picture your thoughts. Have you ever imagined how some people can solve extra ordinary problems just by looking into those problems and they will instantly have a solution to it?  And we don’t even understand the problem fully?  It is because they do it with their mind.  
They visualize the problem in their minds and they solve it in their minds itself.  Visualization is a powerful tool in your mind.But in order to get to that state, first you need to visualize the problem externally.  That is where a pen and a paper/notebook (or) a white board comes into play.  Try to visualize the problem at hand and try to picture the problem.  That is also one of the steps to make sure that you understand the problem clearly.There was a situation when I and my dear friend & colleague were discussing about a problem and we were literally going nowhere.  

Power of visualization:

That is the power of visualization.  It really helps us to get started with our thinking. This visual thing works.  Just try it out.
Your next question might be “I kinda get it, but I don’t.  How do I visualize? What exactly do I visualize?”.  Please read on to find out the answers. Related Other Post:

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